The Oxford Imps

Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“the best improvised comedy I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness”





The Oxford Imps


The Oxford Imps are a sell-­‐out improvised comedy group, a mixture of students and professionals from in and around Oxford, performing what the Three weeks have described as “the best improvised comedy I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness’ (*****).

Based on audience suggestions, our shows are fast-­‐paced ‘Whose Line it is Anyway?’ style, hilarious and made up on the spot.

The Imps blend a wide range of improv styles, from Shakespeare, rap and musicals to make a comedic cornucopia that audiences adore.

This is our eight year at the Fringe

• We won the Sell-­‐Out Show award in 2008 and 2009

• Our comedy is playful, hilarious and multilayered. We are suitable for all ages – children, teens and adults alike. Our shows are suitable for families.

• The wide range of improv games we perform as well as the different line-­‐up of the Imps in every show ensures that not one of our performances is ever alike

• Our show is accompanied by our pianist Imp

• Our shows are interactive. We establish a high-­‐energy relationship with our audiences who shout out suggestions. The better the suggestions, the better our show.

Admission: £5(£6) – £10(£8)

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