Bonesong/Unknown Position

Wed 3rd – Sat 13th Aug 2011


“Chamber opera is not a dead genre – raw meat, chair sex, electronica, and new music!”





Cambridge University Opera Society


Chamber opera is not a dead genre – raw meat, chair sex, electronica, and new music! The acclaimed work of award-winning young artists from Cambridge University is stretching and redefining opera Cambridge University Opera Society present two very different pieces in a double bill throughout the Festival.

Bonesong is a study in bloodlust, during which a young girl is seduced by music played on the brutalised carcass of her sibling. Live electronics made by sampling the sounds of tearing flesh and creaking bones are manipulated, distorted, and elegantly intertwined with the live orchestra. Unknown Position is about a woman in love with a chair. A charged exploration of her relationship with a human ex-lover is drawn against the intimate and genuine confession of her sensual passion for a small wooden chair. With a cast of singers and instrumentalists from Cambridge University and the Royal Academy of Music, including the award winning artists Finn Beames (Suzie Gautier-Smith Prize), Georgia de Grey (NSDF Design Award 2008), Emma Hogan (Richard Gooder Literary Prize 2010), Joe Snape (CMMAS Artist-in-Residence 2011) and Kate Whitley (BBC Young Composer of the Year 2007), these new works will bring cutting-edge underground opera to the Fringe. ‘Snape’s curdling electronica, Whitley’s cacophony of blood-lusting notes, acted with impressive conviction, sung with flawless command... Barely a third of the queue were lucky enough to get in’ ***** Varsity

‘A feast for the ears... A painfully moving score’ ***** Cambridge Student

‘Truly outstanding: beautifully paced and stunningly written... ravishingly beautiful lyrical singing’ ***** Tab


Admission: £9.50(£7.50) – £11.50(£9.50)

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