The End

Mon 22nd – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“The End explores endings and exits, the onstage and the offstage, absence and loss.”





Michael Pinchbeck


Award-winning writer and performance maker, Michael Pinchbeck, presents The End at Pleasance Courtyard, Below from Monday 22 - Saturday 27 August 2011 as part of the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase 2011.

Inspired by the stage direction in The Winter’s Tale, ‘Exit, pursued by a bear’, The End explores endings and exits, the onstage and the offstage, absence and loss. A bear waits to make his entrance and a blindfolded man waits to face the firing squad. The End asks why we perform and how we will know how to stop and is both a love letter and a resignation letter to the theatre.

Michael is 35 and full of existential disillusionment. His shows have never received the critical acclaim he craves. Ollie is 25 and full of hopes and dreams. He has it all to learn. They are trying to make a show. They are trying to work out where they stand. Not because of the marks on the floor, but because their relationship is falling apart. They have never worked together before. Now they’ll never work together again. Michael has decided to call it a day, to make this show his swansong, and Ollie is left to pick up the pieces.

Devised in collaboration with Ollie Smith and Mole Wetherell (Reckless Sleepers), with visual artist Hetain Patel as a dramaturg and an original live soundtrack by Chris Cousin (Bathysphere), The End is performed by Michael Pinchbeck and Ollie Smith. Michael first performed at Edinburgh in 1999 when he won a Total Theatre Award and at the British Council Showcase in 2009.

Admission: £9(£8) – £10(£9)

Pleasance Courtyard

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