It Takes Four to Tango with Panto

Wed 24th – Sun 28th Aug 2011


“Everything that can go wrong for the group does go wrong – I just hope life doesn’t imitate art in this instance!”





Edinburgh People's Theatre


Edinburgh’s People’s Theatre are celebrating their 53rd year at the Fringe by staging a whopping three shows in three weeks.

Starting with their now traditional Scots comedy, The Chippit Chantie, the company will then go on to perform two plays in one set at a local amateur dramatic society, It Takes 4 to Tango With Panto.

First up is Jemima Tait with her ‘Chippit Chantie’, her precious possession has been smashed and she wants justice! Set in Fife in 1785 this hilarious Scots comedy sees the villagers of Ballindean descend upon Judge Boyd’s house on the same day the Inspector of the Courts is visiting from Edinburgh. There’s only one way to find out who broke Jemima’s chantie and the audience will be laughing along with the villagers as they are invited to view proceedings in the courtroom.

Director Joan Hunter is in charge of The Chippit Chantie and said;

“EPT is, rightly, proud to carry on our tradition of performing Scots comedy in the Fringe and this year we have a cracker! The cast have gotten stuck in to the language and the story of The Chippit Chantie so I guarantee a good laugh for the audience.

“From the more refined Inspector of the Courts to the less salubrious characters of Ballindean, we have it all in bundles in this comedy for all the family.”

For the latter part of the EPT run in the Fringe 2011 is a play made up of two one acts about an amateur dramatic group from Newington on the brink of disbanding. That is until director, Gordon, has a bright idea of how to get the audiences back – sex!

We join the four remaining members of the group as they prepare for their next show.

EPT Director, Iain Fraser, is in the hotseat for this one;

“These plays were written years apart by David Tristram, who decided to resurrect the local amateur dramatic group in order to give them another outing. So I’m delighted to be resurrecting this for EPT in order to give this great play a stage again.

“The hilarity is in abundance from the start and I just know the audience will pick their favourite characters right away. Everything that can go wrong for the group does go wrong – I just hope life doesn’t imitate art in this instance!”

Admission: £10(£8)

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