One Under

Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“One Under is a devised theatrical experience that explores what it is to travel on the London Underground today.”





Parting Shot


One Under is a devised theatrical experience that explores what it is to travel on the London Underground today.

For many of those who live and work in London, the tube is the inconvenient convenience, a cramped and clammy shortcut. There’s a blindness we adopt when we descend – a glaze which shuts out our fellow passengers; it is a lonely journey into something dark and faceless.

But PartingShot takes a moment to peel back the skin of the London Underground, to delve beneath the stereotypes of sweat and stress, delays and disgruntlement. We aim to reinstate a human voice in the face of an increasingly mechanical, automatic service. Like its map, the world of the tube is a knotted, complex place, where, deep in the crush of the carriage, bodies brush against each other and lives meet like lines for a few, fragile moments. Experience a new vision of London’s world beneath.

The show takes as its starting point the results of some 500 spoken interviews and paper surveys carried out underground, all of which seek to uncover the thoughts and daydreams of the usually silent, travelling public. Their variously charming, shocking, poetic and poignant responses have informed and inspired an original audio-visual and inventive mode of storytelling, which ultimately hopes to create something rare and unusual from something essentially usual.

PartingShot is a new theatre company formed by English and Drama graduates from the Universities of Oxford and Bristol. We are dedicated to creating bold, original work, which unearths the theatrical potential of the everyday. For three of our members, 2011 marks a fond return to the Pleasance, where, in previous years, they have performed in numerous productions with the theatre’s young company.

Check out our website at www.partingshot.org, and follow us on our twitter feed @parting_shot

one·under – a term used, most commonly by London Underground staff, to describe an event in which a person has become trapped underneath a train, frequently with fatal consequences.

Admission: £7.50(£6) – £8.50(£7)

Pleasance Courtyard

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