Myrtle Chops

Tue 23rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“Myrtle Chops explores the stories of six young puppet protagonists”





Bunting Puddle


Myrtle Chops explores the stories of six young puppet protagonists, each of whom has experienced the perils of growing up in today’s depraved society.

Each tale has a moral (not always the one you might expect) and each is accompanied by catchy ukulele tunes.

We follow Daisy, who has trouble sleeping, Jerome, who is addicted to his computer, Finn, a spoilt brat, Heros, a fame hungry tart, Seoul, a dope-fiend with a homicidal tendency and Polly, a desperate virgin. Join these loveable rogues as they are taught the lessons of a lifetime, in the hope that you might learn from their mistakes!

We describe our work as ‘hand-made theatre’, reflecting the fact that everything in Myrtle Chops has been made or adapted for the show, which gives it an organic and collaborative feel.

Tickets for Myrtle Chops are on sale now. To catch the show at Paradise in the Vault during its one-week run, call the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Box Office on 0131 510 0022 or visit the website at http://www.edfringe.com

Admission: £5(£4)

Paradise in the Vault

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