Master Harold ... and the boys

Sat 6th – Tue 9th Aug 2011


“the drama is intensified by the political backdrop”





Bishops Diocesan


The pupils at South Africa’s Bishops Diocesan College were drawn to Athol Fugard’s masterpiece about coming of age in 1950s South Africa because of its universal themes of segregation and tolerance.

Because the play is firmly rooted in apartheid South Africa, it is simple to view this as a play about apartheid. However, the pupils were keen to portray the dangers of coming-of-age in a society plagued by hate and ignorance, in which a seventeen-year-old white boy is torn between his friendship with a black waiter and surrogate father figure, and the expectations and attitudes of his biological father. Master Harold... and the Boys is a coming of age story rendered in high definition- the drama is intensified by the political backdrop; so although the political issues seem a little distant, the personal issues are incredibly significant to cast and audience alike.

Bishops welcomes boys from throughout South and Southern Africa, Africa and the world, as we believe that a diversity of backgrounds enriches us and widens our perspectives on life. With this philosophy present in the production, our young cast will deliver a heartfelt and relevant performance of this classic play.

Admission: £9(£7)

Sweet Grassmarket, Apex City Hotel

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