Evil - The Musical

Mon 15th – Sat 20th Aug 2011


“New show is a family affair”





The Imps


You could be forgiven for thinking that theatre group, IMPS - who perform their Debut show Evil: The Musical at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 15-20 August, were a mafia style organisation. The Fletcher Family with its stereotypical Don (David) make up 9 of the 14 strong group with close friends completing the group.

At a closer glance however, you'll find a family passionate about muscial theatre, eager to showcase the brainchild of eldest son, Chris and friend Richard Brook:

Evil: The Musical is A brand new comedy musical hitting the world with awesome power. Following the evil antics of seven super-villains fighting for world supremacy. Each equipped with their evil balls of power, the battle for the most evil of them all is on! But who will win and become the world’s evil overlord? There’s only one way to find out! Come and see Evil for yourself: you’ll die laughing or suffer the consequences!

"Basically, the show is about evil villains, a super hero, a sidekick, and the infamous 'Balls Of Power'," said Chris. "My dad directs, my mum and sister are in it, my wife Laura is our project manager and my brother Simon wrote the music. We're all really good friends in the cast and crew and it's been a great fun experience. Everyone has worked really hard to make this show a reality. We raised all the money ourselves to put on the show through various fundraising activities and we can't wait to unleash Evil on the city of Edinburgh."

The show is on at 18:35 daily from 15-20 August at Gryphon Venues (venue 109) at The Point Hotel on Bread Street. tickets cost £8 (£7 concessions).

Some information about IMPS:
IMPS are an established West Yorkshire based theatre group who took shows to a major theatre in Rome bi-annually in the 80’s and 90’s. In 2010 they reformed to take Evil: The Musical to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011. They have funded the show through hard work, car boot sales and organising local events such as band nights and murder mystery evenings.

Admission: £8(£7)

Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel

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