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I’m putting on a show. How do I get you to review it?

Visit our ‘Want Us To Review Your Play?’ page, where you can find all the details you need to request an EFR reviewer at your show.

I can’t find the review of my show on your site. Where is it?

All reviews of the Fringe will be uploaded to our website by 3pm the day after the performance. If you’re expecting a review and it hasn’t appeared, contact us at and we’ll get it sorted as soon as we can!

My event profile contains mistakes. What can I do?

Log in to your account and go to ‘My Events’, where you can edit your event profile.

The review of my show contains mistakes. What can I do?

If you see a mistake in one of our reviews, such as a misspelt name, please email and we’ll fix the error as soon as possible.

I’m unhappy with the review my show was given. Can I do anything about it?

If you disagree with our reviewer’s write-up of your show, please use the comments feature. OTR encourages conversation and debate and we welcome audience feedback; we value the fact that everyone, be they reviewer, performer or audience member, is entitled to their own opinion. The thinking behind having two reviews of each show is to promote discussion – one reviewer’s opinion is not treated as the definitive analysis of a show!

I want to write reviews! How can I join in?

If you’re in Edinburgh and want to write reviews of Fringe productions, get in touch at If you’re a student at Bristol, Cambridge, Durham or Oxford and would like to get involved as a reviewer, go to your city’s website ( etc) and create a login using your student email address ( Once logged in, if you go to your ‘my reviews’ section, you should be able to request to review any listed plays of your choice (presuming you’re one of the first two people requesting – reviewers are determined on a first come first served basis). If you would be interested in getting involved as a member of the editorial team in your city, please contact,,, or No experience necessary, everyone is welcome – all we want is enthusiasm!

I can't remember my password! How can I log in?

If you need to find out or reset your log in details please try using our password reset form. If you still require assistance, please contact

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