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Bluetooth Kevin Theatre presents ‘Isle of Muck’ for Edinburgh Fringe 2018

We will be performing at Greenside @ Royal Terrace Venue 231 from August 3-11, 13-18 at 17:15.

Basil abandons university to join his Uncle January, an ageing party boy, on the sparsely populated Isle of Muck. He finds that his uncle, motivated by an irrational distrust for technology and the financial pressure of his castle’s upkeep, has set up a rehabilitation centre for internet addicts.

Together they succeed in running a dysfunctional place of refuge that awkwardly combines January’s decadence with Basil’s meagre understanding of- but colossal admiration for -New Age spiritualism. That is, until the arrival of Maisie; a confusing patient who inadvertently throws everything into disarray.

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