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Formed in Durham in May 2010, Another Soup is a theatre company founded on the belief that theatre should be poignant, compelling and immersive, and take audiences somewhere they would not usually go. It should spring out of the minds of all involved.

With our latest productions, we have focused on using venues that are entirely appropriate to the work it is producing. Sweeney Todd & the String of Pearls, a brand new musical based on the original Penny Dreadful was a promenade piece set in Durham’s Indoor Market. This is an example of the extent to which Another Soup seek to match their productions to the perfect venue.

The primary creative team behind Another Soup’s projects are Dave Spencer, the Artistic Director, who tends to write the scripts, lyrics, and propose ideas for the company, as well as direct the majority of the shows, and Jo Turner, the Musical Director, who writes the musical segments, or orchestrates the shows that Another Soup produces. However, in accordance with Another Soup’s central philosophy, the Associate Artists are greatly involved in the creative process.

We, at Another Soup, firmly uphold the idea that theatre should originate and blossom from the inspirations and thoughts of all of its members. This concept is exceptionally important to us, as we believe that if you have a piece created by a group, it will appeal to and affect a much wider audience than if it is the work of one dogmatic director.

Another Soup offers challenging and exciting theatre that turns its back on the proscenium arch and instead looks to immerse audiences in worlds they have never experienced.

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