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The Human Animal is a theatre collective which emerged from the University of Warwick in 2012. Our ethos as theatre-makers is to produce work which puts the human being and consciousness at the centre, interrogating issues and conflicts that arise from conditioning in specific social contexts.

Our emphasis is on collaborative work, wherein we are performers and conceptual artists alike. We seek to draw from a diverse range of theatre practices, performance art, with specialty in theatre translation and adaptation: pursuing a new visual and aural language that can communicate on an innate physical, intuitive level.

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Our previous projects have harnessed various creative forms, with the subject matter covering a wide range of fields of discussion. We studied the post-war human and made social commentary on war and the nature of human error to repeat mistakes in Lovely Rita and Women War Lustgames (Act I). Here, we focused on the lyrical and harsh texts of Thomas Brasch, exploring how a German playwright’s work can be made relevant and engaging for an English-speaking audience; and we see theatre as a translation in itself, in that the writer’s ideas, characters and world on the page need to be grasped and expressed through theatrical aesthetics. We also delved into the world of online connection as a space for making theatre in Virtual Tourist. With the continued fascination with technology as a driving force in how we form human connections today, we are pursuing work that is site-specific, immersive and in promenade to interrogate perceptions of nature against virtual connection in our developing production of Wastwater.

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